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My Family Genealogy

I am  Christopher Kile   this is  My Family Genealogy .
                    Family History
Nelson Kile married Amy Holmes he was  born in Columbia County,Pa  in 1841.Came to Luzerne County by 1860 lived with his sister Minerva (Kile) Long  she is the oldest of  6 kids from her fathers  2nd Marriage .She is Born in Sullivan County,Pa .Nelson and Amy had the following Children :
Minerva Ann (Kile)
Elizabeth Lydia (Kile) Geisinger
Rhoda (Kile) Koup
John Wesley Kile
Josiah Britton Kile
Owen Hicks Kile
Josiah Britton Kile married Sarah Jane Pifer .Sarah Was born in Columbia County Daughter of William and Catherine(Porter) Pifer.Josiah and Sarah had the Following Children :
Ransom Lacey Kile
William Nelson Kile
Britton Josiah Kile
Arthur Hicks Kile
Carlyle F.Kile
Arthur Kile married Ethel Elizabeth Jamieson she was born in Pennsylvania   daughter of Albert Edward and Sarah Ethel (Byle) Jamieson .Arthur and Ethel had the  following children :
Ransom Edward Kile
Howard Clayworth Kile
Ethel Elizabeth (Kile) Gavlick
Carlyle Sheldon Kile 
Carlyle Sheldon Kile was married twice first  to Margaret Hoover.Margaret Hoover was born  in Kingston,Pa  daughter of John and Ruth (Broomfield) Hoover.They had  4 kids 
John Kile
Terri Kile
Stacey Kile
Christopher Kile
He  also married to  Patrica Searfoss.
Had a son together name Brian Kile .Patricia has a daughter name Tammy jacobs from her first marriage.
John Hoover  married Ruth Broomfield  had the following  children:
Margaret (Hoover) Kile
John Jay Hoover
Dean Hoover
Darlene Hoover
Linda (Hoover) Baker Hodgsen

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